Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Just another day at the office.

So despite the fact that I work for the World Bank, my office is in the Ministry of Finance here in Uganda. The ministry is in a fairly large block of government buildings: foreign affairs, communications, courthouse, etc. are all here. About an hour ago I am sitting at my desk, completely absorbed in the exciting world of statistical analysis of poverty indicators, when there is an EXPLOSION of automatic weapon fire right below my office. I pause and wonder if they have overthrown the government, always a concern when working in sub-Saharan Africa. It is quiet for a while so I go back to work, vaugely wondering if maybe I should do some regressions to prove how bad Museveni's government is/was. If it had been a coup and some heavily armed person should enter my little office, I better have something to offer the revolution, no?

My office mate came back a little while later. He told me that it was nothing special. A prisoner had just escaped from the courthouse next door and they needed to get him back, which they did. Then he started laughing as he told me the entire cafeteria had hit the deck when they started shooting because it was right outside the windows. Ha ha, joke's on them! Anyway, happens once in a while, nothing to worry about, back to work.


Georgia said...

Don't ever stop writing. You could make Boston sound exciting.
See you in 2 weeks. Georgia/CSH

Tara said...

I just discovered your blog through saradani.com and, wow! What amazing adventures you are having--I couldn't stop reading. Also, I found it interesting that you went to a place called Murchison Falls in the company of a Kiwi--I was in New Zealand a few months ago and stayed for one night in a small town on the south island called Murchison. I wonder if they are named after the same person...did your Blue Helmet friend mention anything to that effect?

Kristen Himelein said...

My Blue Helmeted Buddy didn't mention that, but Murchison was a "famed explorer" so it is definitely possible.