Thursday, March 11, 2010

Scenes from Malawi

So alas, my three week field adventure in Malawi was cut short by a small crisis in Tanzania.  I am back in Dar es Salaam - working constantly - and with no more monkeys on my roof.  Consequently, I don't have much in the way of wild adventure.  But I will post a couple of pictures from the one day in the field in Malawi that we did have.  I am also adding a couple of pictures about what my life is like (conducting household and agricultural surveys in developing countries).  Note the overabundance of corn in these pictures.  That is true both of like in Malawi and my life lately. 

Here we go with life in Malawi... And in honor of the Yankees upcoming 2010 World Championship Series, I choose a baseball narrative for this post:

Leading off and playing left field we have Corn!

In the second spot, playing short stop, we have Road Side Mushroom Stand...
Playing center and batting third we have the speedy but pesky, Kids at the Pump!

Batting clean up is the strong man of the order, the DH, Guy with Bamboo on Bike!

In the five spot and playing a gold glove first base, we have More Frigging Corn!

Batting sixth and guarding against the double down the line at third, we have Lady with Boy and Pumpkins...

Down the bottom three in our order, we have the man behind the plate, Shucking "Guess What" Corn!

Batting eighth and guarding the short porch in right, we have Bored Old Lady Getting Interviewed!

And finally, in the nine spot and playing second, we have My Class of Field Enumerators in Training!

Well that concludes our trip around the horn!  For those of you who are interested in a little substance with your photos, I am adding a vignette to the previous post about me along braining a Norwegian with a scalding hot iron. 

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Andy Oler said...

Your baseball analogy's nice and all, but I think you meant to say, "in honor of the 2010 world championship by the Cincinnati Reds."

No offense taken.