Monday, July 28, 2014

Caribbean Teaser

This post is not going to be that exciting. It is just sort of an obligatory few lines to set up a post for next month (which in my time delayed blog entering corresponds with where I am now).  So about two months ago Mac tells me that he is going to teach a week-long course on statistics in the Caribbean. In Antigua. As there was no way that I was going to let that pass me by, I obviously cashed in a few of the frequent flyer mega fund to come for the weekend. We found a condo within walking distance of a dive shop and bar and set up camp. Both the diving and dive guiding was mediocre but the captain had very entertaining stories like the time that his girlfriend called his wife and together they sleuthed out that he had capsized his boat and had been floating off the coast of the British Virgin Islands for the past 48 hours. He lived. The marriage sadly did not pull through. Here are the best of the worst in terms of the photos. I am hoping that I will get a few better shots from my current excursion. 

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